Galapagos in June

sea lion cruise ship galapagos islands

A keen interest in pirates and things pirate-related often sparks curiosity and raise a lot of questions. It makes you wonder if the ones that occasionally get featured on the news for committing crimes at sea are similar to the fictional buccaneers that tend to get romanticized and sometimes even idealized. And at some point, you may even start thinking just how safe the oceans and seas really are from them, especially when you hear disturbing stories of their attacks on hapless seafarers.

Traveling across the seas on a ship provides a different and unique experience. The fear of falling prey to pirates is understandable. But it should not be enough reason to stop anyone from taking a cruise and see the views from the oceans. Many who have taken a cruise to different parts of the world have positive things to say about their trips.

So if you are thinking of giving cruising a go, it is never too late to get started. Places like the Galapagos Islands and all its natural wonders beckon. The weather in Galapagos in June is fairly pleasant for a trip to see some of this famous tourist site’s attractions. It is a great time to see some of the migratory birds and aquatic species that head to the islands. The cooler temperature is an added bonus making the days out soaking the sun and scenery more pleasant.

June has always been a popular month for tourists to visit so expect that things may not be as quiet as the off-peak season. If you are thinking of taking a cruise in Galapagos, make sure to book your trip early if you want to get a spot.