Cleaning Your Driveway as Pirates Would Clean Their Ship

If you’ve always adored pirates, then you should clean the way they do! Despite the belief that pirates are tough people who may not give a damn about cleaning, they actually need to clean their ship, just as you need to keep your driveway clean.

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What Pirates Clean


You clean your driveway which can easily be seen in your property, while pirates maintain something that can’t be easily seen in their ship–the bottom part. This cleaning activity is what they call “careening.” And just like maintaining your driveway, it also involves a lot of work. And I mean A LOT.

How Pirates Do Careening

First, they find a harbor where they’re safe from authorities, after all, being a pirate is illegal. Their safety is a priority. Not only that, the place should offer fresh water and sources of food too. Usually, they select a beach with a long and gentle slope for this task.

Second, their ship needs to be lightened. That means transferring everything from the boat to the land. They accomplish this task by placing every object into the longboat and rowing that boat to shore. They’ll keep repeating this transfer until the ship’s free of barrels, crates, and everything else pirates have on their ships.

Next, they’ll tie strong ropes to the ship to enable them to drag the entire boat to dry land, then they’ll tilt the ship over to its side.

Finally, they can start cleaning the bottom of the ship.

Why Do Pirates Clean

Why do they go through all this trouble to clean the bottom of the ship? The answer is the same with why you have to clean your driveway regularly. Although the bottom part can’t be seen by anyone else aside from the pirates, it’s essential for them to remove the seaweed, barnacles, and other marine growths. Keeping the bottom smooth is what they want because if it isn’t, it could drag hundreds of shells and immeasurable yards of tailing weed. Aside from those being gross, they would also jeopardize the speed of the ship. If you’re a pirate fan, you’ll know that pirates rely on pace to catch their preys and escape from Navy ships. The same thing goes with your untrimmed driveway. If you let grass and weeds to grow, they’ll attract unwanted living creatures and more dirt.

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