brixham pirate festival

Looking for a bit of live pirate-style entertainment? Well, me hearties, you’re in luck. Feast your eyes on these regularly updated listings for the latest pirate themed events and festivals happening in the UK and across the seven seas. Ooh arrh!

Exeter Pirate Day


  • Saturday 19 September, 2015


  • Pirate celebration with procession, music and entertainment.


  • Exeter, Devon EX1 1EY

International Talk Like a Pirate Day


  • Saturday 19 September, 2015


  • Worldwide celebration of Pirate Speak!


  • Various venues

Pirate Attack Experience for Kids

Is your child about to celebrate their 5th, 6th or 7th birthday? Why not treat them and up to 20 of their friends to their own pirate party? Check out the Pirate Attack Experience, now available for private hire.

Pirate Attack Experience for Clubs, Associations and Corporate Events

If you’d like to add a generous dose of swashbuckling swagger, games and activities to your next meeting, why not book Pirate Attack? Check out the details by clicking here.

There are many simulation games that have created excitement all over. People from different parts of the world play these games. Out of the several games, Farming Simulator is one of the most popular. It is a farming game where players do everything that is done in real farming. They grow crops, breed animals and sell items produced from farming. The locations are mostly chosen from America and Europe. Players may therefore choose locations according their preference.

Players can look for details of the new mods at LS Mods website. This is one of the most popular websites where users will find details of all the Farming simulator mods. Users will find details of Trucks, tractors, trailers, cars, Forklifts and several others. In fact, there are details of about 528 items. Users can go through those and select which they want to download.

In Farming Simulator, many farming vehicles are used. These are trailers, tractors, trucks, forklifts, excavators, cars and several others. The vehicles are modified and presented as new. Or the company makes sure to create new vehicles that are in the real world. So, players will notice new farm vehicles whenever they check out a certain website. Players have the ability to either download the vehicles or buy them if they are new. Hence, they have two choices in that.

It’s up to you to manage and expand your very own ranch in a massive, completely new globe. When you progress in your livelihood and full unique purposes, you’ll control greater hundred farming vehicles and equipments faithfully recreated from your biggest names from the sector: Situation IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Exact same, Horsch and newbie Grimme. This year, Farming Simulator free of charge is back with even more varied crops, brand-new livestock and new vehicles never ever seen prior to in a computer game!

If players want to learn details of all the farm vehicles, they could check out a website called LS Mods. This is the right website where people can find everything about all the farm vehicles including the latest arrivals. Users can go through the details and decide which items they want. The website allows download of some interesting mods. Users can check those out and select which they want to download. It is guaranteed that once they have the newest equipment, they are going to enjoy the game even more.

The new farming-simulator-game is overall further of constant. you’ll expand your farm, get new vehicles and prefer random missions like field mowing at the golf-court. Sadly the time-limit in those missions is atrocious. The farming game play is straightforward to seek out out and there area unit quite 100 vehicles to buy for, shapely with created detail. the game is also much better, if the developer would have targeted on a sleek interface and extra realistic physics. You can understand many tutorial worth throughout this simulation, but as diversion, it merely doesn’t work – it’s further amusement than a game.

Tarot card reading is a concept originated centuries ago which is believed to give relevant insights into various aspects of a person’s life; be it professional life, personal life, love life, etc.

Various tarot cards are used, which portray different dimensions or personality traits of a person. This is mostly used as a concept to determine what the future may turn out to be for a person.

There are 78 tarot cards in all out of which 22 are Major Arcana Cards and 56 are Minor Arcana Cards. Arcana here refers to “secrets” or “mysteries”.

Major Arcana Cards are the ones which symbolize big changes or very important events in a person’s life which are mostly involuntary and cannot be controlled. These cards are used to determine and act in accordance with the future predictions so as to gain maximum benefit out of the transformations.

A list of Major Arcana card names (their numbers) and relevance (both pros and cons) are listed below –


The Fool (0)

Pros – new starts or beginnings

Cons – bad decisions. Can be gotten from


The Magician (1)

Pros – power and skills development

Cons – low confidence, procrastination


The High Priestess (2)

Pros – Sixth sense, knowledge

Cons – lack of planning


The Empress (3)

Pros – marriage, pregnancy, beauty, wealth

Cons – pregnancy/ marriage complications


The Emperor (4)

Pros – strength, authority

Cons – over authoritative


The Pope (5)

Pros – spiritual, religious

Cons – too much orthodox thinking


The Lovers (6)

Pros – love, relationship

Cons – conflicts


The Chariot (7)

Pros – success, self confidence

Cons – over confidence


Strength (8)

Pros – courage

Cons – defeat


The Hermit (9)

Pros – philosophical

Cons – loneliness


Wheel of Fortune (10)

Pros – good luck, life turn

Cons – bad luck


Justice (11)

Pros – justice, truth

Cons – dishonesty, legal complications


The Hanged Man (12)

Pros – adaptability

Cons – indecision


Death (13)

Pros – endings, new beginnings

Cons – stagnancy


Temperance (14)

Pros – patience and balance

Cons – imbalance


The Devil (15)

Pros – breaking free, self-decision

Cons – materialism, sexual addiction


The Tower (16)

Pros – avoidance of disaster or calamity

Cons – disaster or calamity


The Star (17)

Pros – hope, confidence

Cons – discouragement


The Moon (18)

Pros – imagination, dreams, creativity

Cons – unacceptability to reality


The Sun (19)

Pros – fun, happiness, abundance

Cons – depression


The Judgement (20)

Pros – new beginnings

Cons – legal complications


The World (21)

Pros – success, accomplishment, victory

Cons – missing fulfillment


The 56 Minor Arcana Cards are divided in 4 types namely Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles representing the 4 elements; fire, water, air and earth respectively. The Wands represents the soul and is related to passions and desires. The Cups represent intangible things such as feelings and emotions. Swords represent activities of the mind such as ideas and understanding abilities. Finally pentacles represent all tangible things such as the body, business, wealth, etc. Each of these 4 types of Minor Arcana cards consist of 14 different cards having a particular trait, with its own pros as well as cons. These 14 cards in all the 4 categories are Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Page, Knight, Queen, and King!

In nutshell, Tarot Cards are a source of information wherein a person may get insights into his/ her life to act accordingly towards the path of leading a happy and contented life.

ARK: Survival Evolved is probably the best game if you like dinosaurs and primeval creatures. You can play as a man or a woman. In both cases, you will be placed on a mystical island. There, you will have to hunt, gather food, build shelters and escape from predators. In essence, you must survive. Maybe you believe that this is very easy. But, if you know that there are more than 70 different species of dinosaurs, and all of them hate humans, you can imagine how hard it is.

The player can carry items with him. These items can be used for: hunting, farming, cooking and etc. Also, a player has weapons, beacons, guides and etc. In fact, a player can carry a lot of items with him. Even better is the possibility to “use’’ dinosaurs. A player can fly Pteranodon or hunt while he is on the back of dangerous T-Rex. You will have to feed a dinosaur, so you can gain control over him. They, you will have his abilities. For example, you can use it to hunt, easy water movement and to carry items. This provides a much better experience so you will want to play more. Because you are learning while playing, the more you play, the more you will want to play.

The map, also known as the Ark, has the size of 48 square kilometers. 12 square kilometers are oceans and the rest is land. As you may believe, the map is big, so you won’t see the same things over and over again. The graphics of the world is impressive. All animals, items, and weapons look great and real.

The game will be available in June 2016 for: Windows, OS X, Linux, X box One and Play Station 4. According to a survey, this is going to be a very popular game. On the other side, you can try the game for free thanks to Comment Télécharger ARK Survival Evolved gratuitement.

Minecraft is a sport regarding splitting along with setting hindrances. It can be manufactured by Mojang. In the beginning, men and women developed buildings to shield versus nocturnal creatures, yet since the sport matured gamers proved helpful with each other to build superb, inventive issues. It is regarding adventuring with friends or maybe viewing sunshine climb spanning a blocky sea. It’s quite. Courageous gamers fight horrible issues from the Nether, that’s more frightening compared to quite. Also you can go to the territory of mushrooms when that sounds more like your own cup of teas. Learn how to download Minecraft at no cost you need to actively playing nowadays! If you’d like some sort of version with no installation software, you could work with jugar minecraft gratis alternatively. You do not need Java mounted running sometimes of these.
No matter if this can be your own very first time that actively playing this sport or maybe that you are already a skilled minecraft fan. We’ve collected even more jugar minecraft gratis in your case in this article. Not just you possibly can build prevent, yet take, contest along with nearly perform whatever you like with these. Look into other minecraft games here! If you have purchased the action, you possibly can down load this stand-alone launcher with regard to Minecraft in this article. It will immediately update the action files while using the newest version. It is possible to participate in the action with no Web connection options been on-line one or more times.
Minecraft with regard to Windows Acquire along with work Minecraft. msi. This will likely deploy comment télécharger minecraft gratuit along with produce a shortcut with your start menus. If you’d like some sort of version with no installation software, you could work with Minecraft. exe alternatively. You do not need Java mounted running sometimes of these. If you’d like some sort of version with no installation software, you could work with Minecraft. exe alternatively. You do not need Java mounted running sometimes of these.