brixham pirate festival

Looking for a bit of live pirate-style entertainment? Well, me hearties, you’re in luck. Feast your eyes on these regularly updated listings for the latest pirate themed events and festivals happening in the UK and across the seven seas. Ooh arrh!

Exeter Pirate Day


  • Saturday 19 September, 2015


  • Pirate celebration with procession, music and entertainment.


  • Exeter, Devon EX1 1EY

International Talk Like a Pirate Day


  • Saturday 19 September, 2015


  • Worldwide celebration of Pirate Speak!


  • Various venues

Pirate Attack Experience for Kids

Is your child about to celebrate their 5th, 6th or 7th birthday? Why not treat them and up to 20 of their friends to their own pirate party? Check out the Pirate Attack Experience, now available for private hire.

Pirate Attack Experience for Clubs, Associations and Corporate Events

If you’d like to add a generous dose of swashbuckling swagger, games and activities to your next meeting, why not book Pirate Attack? Check out the details by clicking here.

staying warm in the winter

What are your winter depression busters?  The hard months are a reminder that you need to keep yourself active or else you will lose sight of the coming of the spring. Well, you can’t stop the coming of the winter season but you can get the best remedy to deal the harsh months of the year.  Meet the challenge of the cold months with boldness and a great appreciation. Appreciate the beauty of the sparkling white snow and the chilly days.  Utilize these wonderful tips to earn the best inspiration in the winter.

staying warm


Own the Best Type of Heater

Equip your house with the best infrared heater and find yours here. Lift up your mood by getting ready for what will most likely to transpire in the winter months.  Having this heating option can make you ready to hurdle the winter blues.  An infrared heater will give you fresh sunlight experience because it emits heat that is very similar to the sun. It creates invisible lights that are felt by our skin and gets absorbed by the objects around your space. It means that it has the capability of heating other items around it; thus, increasing the temperature of its surroundings. The heater’s fast acting rays will disperse the cold and can keep you warm and the surroundings quickly.  This is how infrared heater gives you warmth in the coldest season of the year. Read through credible guides to make sure that you are choosing the right infrared heater for your needs. Make your family comfortable by having the infrared heater as your gentle and comfortable source of warmth.

Engage in Fun Activities

What does winter mean to you? You can still have a blast in the winter by making fun of the bitterly cold weather. Involve the whole family by spending quality time together. Make your home a winter wonderland and enjoy the winter break. Check for indoor and outdoor activities that can make your winter months a real source of happiness. Introduce group games and art activities and your kids will surely love being cooped up indoors for the winter season. Keep them entertained. Get them active.

Read Great Books

What books are a perfect read in the freezing cold while cuddling up in a blanket and graced by a steaming tea brimming with healthy goodness? The long, winter nights can be made adventurous and lovable by reading great minds of the centuries. Transcend your consciousness with the great events of the times. Binge-read books and enjoy the winter nights.

The best inspiration is by keeping yourself warm with the most durable infrared heater.  You can enjoy doing your winter plans indoors if your home is welcoming and made so invigorating.

using the miter saw

DIY home projects include interesting home improvements such as making architectural designs in your living room cozier and more welcoming.  This is a cutting project made so simple by the miter saw. Hence, the best miter saw is a perfect choice for a DIYer like you.

Remodeling ideas at home increase home value and make your abode always a great place to be. More and more homeowners decide to make certain changes and improvements in their dwellings to make their home even more beautiful. This thought makes them stay instead of considering the thought of selling their property or leaving their place. This end is highly supported by the miter saw. It is the quality tool that extends the craft of doing it yourself people.

The miter saw is a great power tool that one can depend on in making several home improvements. Making the home more comfortable will hold the interest of your family members especially your kids. Instead of spending their hours outdoors, they just find it comfortable staying at home. Building a backyard deck is a great addition to your family’s relaxation niche at home and the miter saw is a perfect buddy for these creative ideas.

using a miter saw

Making cuts at a variety of angles is one of the great features of the miter saw.  The sharp blade of the saw is mounted in such a way that it can rotate left and right which makes it create clean angled cuts. However, if it’s gonna be your first time to buy a miter saw, you have to seek the help of the most credible reviews to make a perfect choice. Each type of miter saw has unique features that you need to consider. Compound miter saws have distinctive characteristics which make it different from dual compound and sliding compound miter saws. Take for instance the compound miter saw. It is capable of rotating left and right and can tilt in one direction to make the desired angled cuts.  Amazingly, the miter saw will serve you best if you are certain of what home projects to undertake. Make it sure that the type of miter saw you will choose makes your home improvement goals easily done.

However excited you can become in making your home improvement project, always bear in mind that nothing compares to the efficiency of being careful while making the impressive cuts. When operating the miter saw, safety should be your top most priority. No matter how confident you are in using the miter saw, always remember that safety is more important than convenience.

juicing ideas

The nutritious fruits and vegetables are the perfect ingredients for making the delicious smoothie for the whole family. It is perfect to having a fantastic diet and to encourage the whole family to develop a healthy habit on a daily basis. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables to your diet will make you healthier and more secure. It will help build an amazing lifestyle for your family. Your rich and flavorful smoothies and frozen delights are perfect for your healthy snacks and meals. Get one of the top ninja blenders and create festive combinations of fruits and veggies that will ensure tasty and creamy smoothies.

As a way of making it up to our best diet, we need to fill up half of our plate with fruits and vegetables. However, this is quite daunting. Even though we are aware of the variety of nutrients in fruits and veggies, eating them on a daily basis is just so difficult. Our stomachs might just accept them but our taste buds might not like the bitter or the flat taste of veggies. Being so, ninja blenders come our way to support our overall diet. Its presence in our kitchen makes consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily basis becomes so exciting and enjoyable.

Why prefer smoothies? Your delicious and nutritious smoothies provide you with needed nutrients that will help prevent illnesses or reduce the risk of chronic diseases. You have myriad of options to choose from since there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are very helpful to man.Vegetables are very high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, folate, and potassium. Your healthiest choices will make your life more radiant. On the other hand, your fruit smoothies are your food delight full-packed with nutrients necessary for the health. Take advantage of your apples, berries, peace, bananas, oranges, and cantaloupe. Rest assured that your well-prepared smoothies will give you an amazing supply of fiber, potassium, folate, Vitamin C and a lot more. They keep you look younger and healthier.

If you have your own high-quality ninja blender, you will make the most of your bountiful harvest. Make it sure that it is your best bet.  Use it properly and the equipment is sure-fire that you will have fantastic smoothies and healthy drinks for the whole family.Make the most of this remarkable breakthrough and apply simple techniques so that your fruits and veggies contribute to your festive diet.


Experience the pleasure in eating together.

Cooking should not mean eating alone. Have you thought of having simple dinner party ideas at home? It’s a great opportunity to get together with your clan and friends. Eating together home-cooked meals is the best option to share thoughts with one another; thus, fostering your relationships and creating memories for a lifetime. The Cookersden will give you a clue of how to experience home cooking for casual gatherings. Catch up new friends and cook for them heartily.  Invite them over and sit down for home-cooked meals.

Do you plan to gather them all at home? You must be bothered by your strict budget. Oh, well, the home cooking is not lavish cooking at all. It’s the simplest culinary experience you can share. The meal preparation in your kitchen is definitely budget-friendly and healthy. I’m sure of this because you will have full control of what to transpire in your smart kitchen.  Make the occasional treat really tasty and memorable.


Share Your Vegetarian Recipe

Everyone could be fairly healthy.  Your amazing vegetable treats are welcoming and healthy. Take out your classic vegetarian recipes. It could inspire your family and friends to reconsider their eating habits and to make certain dramatic changes of their lifestyle. Introduce the flavourful bean chili recipe and the great beans will really make a difference.

Stick to Your Budget

 Home cooking should be kept budget-friendly. Make careful and healthy substitutions if needed.  Choose what is sustainable and organic. Ponder on your ingredients because it is needed. It is equivalent to planning what to cook.  Consider the nutritive value and the great taste, of course.  Check in your cookbook which dishes are to be rushed to the dining table.

Get Into the Kitchen the Fast Cooking Strategy

Although your friends are willing to spend quality time  by eating together with  your home prepared meals, you still have to respect their time. They should not wait for hours when the food is to be served. This should be included in your master plan. Consider the time of cooking.  Make it fast yet thorough. The best pressure cooker should be your great assistant in your healthy self-expression- in cooking. Undeniably, it is versatile. You can cook anything on it. It will ultimately help you prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Purchase one and experience the pressure cooker’s great magical offer in cooking.

Make your kitchen real. Cook for others and inspire more to cook.

Beating the scorching heat of the summer months will be made more exciting by bringing one of the best pool basketball hoops. Playing basketball while swimming in the pool could give you a two-fold cardio- exercise.  Catch the great fun in the pool with your friends and bring the tournament to the pool.

owning a pool basketball hoop

Bringing a pool basketball hoop is another way recreating in the water. Playing in the water creates more fun and excitement. The issue of getting bored is a big No in the swimming pool. Splashing around in the pool with your friends while aiming the best shot is a perfect way to develop muscles and endurance.  It is also a fantastic way to establish the value of sportsmanship and camaraderie.  The fun and excitement are parallel to that of playing on a basketball court.

Playing basketball in the pool is really a different setting of real fun. The best swimming pool basketball hoop will make your summer time a great time spent with your family and friends. Having it in your own pool or in a public pool will help you stay active and fit. Staying fit this summer is a perfect goal.  Cooling off during the hot summer days will be made more fantastic.

Experience the ultimate fun in the pool by making the best shot in the basketball hoop. Everyone wants to dive in and have a great time swimming.  Playing in the pool adds to the thrill and to make your time outdoors a fantastic one. Enjoy the entire summer by experiencing the easiest way of making swimming in the pool a basketball tournament.

Are you ready to make your finest shots in the basketball hoop? Bring your entire family and help your kids enjoy the summer time. Kick off the boring days and bring in the total fun and excitement. This may mean just a simple addition to your swimming pool, but the effects for enjoyment are enormous.

Get the cheerful dose of great times in the water. Take the plunge. Splash around. Shoot the ball. Experience the whooping entertainment in the swimming pool.

It is an exciting time to embrace the hunting season. The setting of rifles and scopes, the sighting-in, and the shooting are priceless motivations in the rugged terrain. Magnify your targets by using a high-end rifle scope. It’s the most credible optic device ever known.  Click here for amazing choices that cater your hunting preferences.

using a rifle scope

Hunting is a lot of fun in the wild. Doing it gives you rich opportunities to discover the mysterious world of the wildlife. Many people are getting more interested in stalking and observing animals in the woods. There can be no doubt that hunting has become a trend in the world of shooting. Outdoorsmen always have a great time hunting a variety of animals which include feral hogs, whitetail deer, brown bear, coyotes and prairie dogs.

Hunting as a great sport is really challenging. That is high-quality optics have been used by outdoor enthusiasts to have a great hunt. This amazing technological innovation makes it easy for hunters to follow and track their targeted animals without much sweating. Just mount the rifle scope and have a steady position and enjoy.


The use of a high-end rifle scope is hunting in grand style. Releasing your best shots will not be a great waste because the rifle scope gives you more precise shooting skills. Your shots won’t go anywhere. For sure, your firing shots will land to where they are supposed to be. The rifle scope will provide magnificent magnification that would ease out any distractions in the range.

As you become a range finder, the high-quality rifle scope will be your great assistant in the hunting world. The unpredictable hunting environment is a great challenge in itself. Optimize your hunting passion and make a good investment for a rifle scope. It’s very necessary. Who would want to fire shots for nothing? You want your shots to be always counted. Make the finest investment and you will not regret doing it.

You are always given the chance to hunt with a grand style by using the most suitable rifle scope. It guarantees accuracy amidst the unpredictable weather and environment conditions in the woods. Anyway, it’s your choice. Reap the best advantage of hunting. Give the best eyes to your gun. Don’t settle for less, it will just be for nothing. Put a lot of effort to what you really like doing. Make your shooting more accurate; purchase this amazing gun accessory now!



Are you a home baker? Then, it’s your opportune time to give your family the finest delicious baking treats.

Baking has stormed our eating preferences. Your creativity has enlivened your passion in baking that you would love to share your culinary delights to all. The delicious treats you have made touched their hearts and satisfied their tummies. You are indeed a genius connoisseur to them. But, what among your fabulous creations or baking treats are you dying for. It intensely keeps you baking. This is the best of the best that you always find yourself whipping up and sharing with your loved ones and friends. In doing this, you need something that will bring comfort to your baking opportunities. Spark your baking moments using the best bread machine. Your profound baking preferences bring intense excitement to people around you. They are waiting for the delightful magic cookie bars, your magnificent cake creations, and delightful loaves of bread. Isn’t this motivating?

Bread Recipes

Oh,that lovely crust!

Have you tried making your  bread as tastier as ever? Homemade bread is very close to one’s heart. The home is where the heart is. Aside from making a budget on it, you can freely make the adjustments and modifications to suit your baking preference. Yes, you can absolutely make your bread taste better that the ones brought in stores .  Your homemade stuffed bread is always worth the extra effort.  You will eat confidently for you are sure of what you are eating. Fill your mornings with this scrumptious delight.

Bread is considered as the one of the oldest food. It has been with the civilization then and now. Why not fill your house with the aroma of freshly-baked bread. The bread machine can quickly offer you your loaf of French toast or breadcrumbs. Sit back, relax, and let the machine does all the work. Make it sure your sandwich loaves have beautifully risen. Get some fancier bread making recipes and enjoy your perfectly baked homemade bread.

Here’s a perfect baking demo with a bread maker. Find out how convenient baking has become.

Creative Desserts

Bake your special cake for a special day. Sweet fluffy cakes add to your delight. Experience the bliss in every bite. Treat yourself with the Pineapple Upside Down Minis.  You can have it in small sizes that will add color to your day. This mouth-watering sweet pineapple buttery cake is a mixture of caramelized sugar and a simply elegant touch of cherries on top.

Chocolatey Brownies

Fudgy brownies topped with  light colorful marshmallows will engage the kids. They are impressive-looking desserts that will keep the kids busy. The bright colors will surely complement the delightful taste.


Stunning Cakes

Bake your slice of heaven. Adults and kids will surely love the rainbow-speckled creamy chocolate cake. It’s perfect for any family gatherings and parties.  Embellished and moist cakes are much-loved baked goodies.

Find out more baking recipes that will give you delectable sweet treats that will surely bring out the baking connoisseur in you.


target arrow

Do you find difficulty in choosing the most efficient archery equipment? Back up your energy level with latest archery equipment made available for you! Modern day archery stuff: where are they?

Archery is a fantastic sport. It is even more delightful if it is played with the cool high-tech weapon that will add a chemistry to how arrows are launched. Consider checking our reliable page on comprehensive crossbow guide and bring archery to its highest level. Check it now and be informed before picking up one at the archery shop or you will end up frustrated than satisfied.

One of the ultimate goals of archery is to keep you fit both mentally and physically. While your shooting skills will compensate success on this fun sport,  the cool stuff you use will compensate more focus and determination. Who would be inspired to shoot with an old-fashioned  bows and arrows which obviously are out of style ?

As you know it, archery provides extreme enjoyment. The equipment for optimum satisfaction can be pricey but the experiences archery offers just make each moment unforgettable and great. The satisfaction is really worth the price of the cool stuff. They even bring out the “very best archer” in you to the highest extent.


Take the finest archery equipment in the shop now for a more professional stance and nicer launch.

The Accurate Bow 

Grab the Perfect Beginner Crossbow Now!.Get that shot silently. Choose a powerful bow that helps you well in firing at your aim. Choose the right bow that’s best for you  to define your shooting skills. Always remember that being stealth in shooting is also a silent bang success.

Draw the Efficient Recurve Bow Now!.Choose the finest one to accelerate an arrow and gives power in your shot.

The Focused Arrows.Every shot should be worthwhile and rewarding.  Select the proper arrows.

Feel the power of highly engineered archery bows as you advance through your career in shooting.Be more informed as to what’s best for you than the authoritative salesman. Save your money by having the best archery equipment that’s best for you!

Keep your skills and the equiment you use consistent.. Draw the efficient bow. Shot the accurate arrow. Aim for optimum performance.  Do yourself a favor. Do the thinking now, or never.!